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Who is Jane Seymour?

She is a very talented red actress.

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Why is she famous?

Jane Seymour has been (or will be) noticed in "Dear Prudence" (2008) as Prudence McCoy, "Marple: Ordeal by Innocence" (2007) as Rachel Argyle, "In Case of Emergency" (2007) as Donna, "After Sex" (2007) as Janet, "Justice" (2006) as Karen Patterson, "How I Met Your Mother" (2006) as Professor Lewis, "Blind Dating" (2006) as Dr. Evans, "The Beach Party at the Threshold of Hell" (2006) as President Lauren Coffey, "Modern Men" (2006) as Dr. Victoria Stangel, "Wedding Crashers" (2005) as Kathleen Cleary, "Smallville" (2005) as Genevieve Teague, "Law Order: Special Victims Unit" (2004) as Debra Connor, "Heart of a Stranger" (2002) as Jill Maddox, "Touching Wild Horses" (2002) as Fiona Kelsey, "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: The Heart Within" (2001) as Dr. Michaela Dr. Mike Quinn, "Blackout" (2001) as Kathy Robbins, "Yesterdays Children" (2000) as Jenny Cole Mary Sutton, "Enslavement: The True Story of Fanny Kemble" (2000) as Fanny Kemble Butler, "Murder in the Mirror" (2000) as Dr. Mary Kost Richland, "Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman: The Movie" (1999) as Dr. Michaela Mike Quinn, "A Memory in My Heart" (1999) as Rebecca Vega Abbie Swenson Stewart, "A Marriage of Convenience" (1998) as Chris Winslow Whitney, "The New Swiss Family Robinson" (1998) as Anna Robinson, "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" (1998) as Dr. Michaela Mike Quinn, "Quest for Camelot" (1998) as Juliana, "The Absolute Truth" (1997) as Alison Reid, "California" (1997) as Dr. Michaela Mike Quinn, "A Passion for Justice: The Hazel Brannon Smith Story" (1994) as Hazel Brannon Smith, "Count on Me" (1994) as , "Heidi" (1993) as Frulein Rottenmeier, "Praying Mantis" (1993) as Linda Crandell, "Sunstroke" (1992) as Teresa Winters, "Are You Lonesome Tonight" (1992) as Adrienne Welles, "Memories of Midnight" (1991) as Catherine Alexander Douglas, "Passion" (1991) as Amanda Brooks, "Matters of the Heart" (1990) as Hadley Norman, "Angel of Death" (1990) as Laura Hendricks, "War and Remembrance" (1989) as Natalie Henry, "La rvolution franaise" (1989) as Marie Antoinette, "Jack the Ripper" (1988) as Emma Prentiss, "Onassis: The Richest Man in the World" (1988) as Maria Callas, "The Woman He Loved" (1988) as Wallis Simpson, "Keys to Freedom" (1988) as Gillian, "The Tunnel" (1987) as Maria Iribarne, "Crossings" (1986) as Hillary Burnham, "Head Office" (1985) as Jane Caldwell, "Obsessed with a Married Woman" (1985) as Diane Putnam, "The Sun Also Rises" (1984) as Brett Ashley, "Dark Mirror" (1984) as Leigh Cullen Tracy Cullen, "Lassiter" (1984) as Sara Wells, "The Haunting Passion" (1983) as Julia Evans, "Jamaica Inn" (1983) as Mary Yellan, "The Phantom of the Opera" (1983) as Maria Gianelli Elena Korvin, "The Scarlet Pimpernel" (1982) as Marguerite St. Just, "BBC2 Playhouse" (1981) as , "East of Eden" (1981) as Cathy Kate Ames, "Somewhere in Time" (1980) as Elise McKenna, "Oh Heavenly Dog" (1980) as Jackie, "Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders" (1979) as Laura Cole, "Battlestar Galactica" (1978) as Serina, "Loves Dark Ride" (1978) as Diana, "The Awakening Land" (1978) as Genny Luckett, "Killer on Board" (1977) as Jan, "Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger" (1977) as Princess Farah, "Seventh Avenue" (1977) as Eva Meyers, "McCloud" (1977) as Nidavah Ritzach, "Benny and Barney: Las Vegas Undercover" (1977) as Margie Parks, "The Four Feathers" (1977) as Ethne Eustace, "Captains and the Kings" (1976) as Marjorie Chisholm Armagh, "Morir... dormir... tal vez soar" (1976) as , "Our Mutual Friend" (1976) as Bella Wilfer, "The Story of David" (1976) as Bathsheba, "The Hanged Man" (1975) as Laura Burnett, "Frankenstein: The True Story" (1973) as Agatha Prima, "The Onedin Line" (1973) as Emma Callon, "Great Mysteries" (1973) as Veronique d Aubray, "Live and Let Die" (1973) as Solitaire, "The Strauss Family" (1972) as Karoline, "The Pathfinders" (1972) as Sheila Conway, "Young Winston" (1972) as Pamela Plowden, "The Best Pair of Legs in the Business" (1972) as Kim Thorn, "Here Come the Double Deckers!" (1970) as Alice, "The Only Way" (1970) as Lillian Stein, "Oh! What a Lovely War" (1969) as Chorus Girl, ".falltvpreviewdiv a:link, .falltvpreviewdiv a:visited, .falltvpreviewdiv a:hover { color: #fff !important; font-weight: bold; } .falltvpreviewdiv { font-family: Verdana; font-size: 13px; font-weight:" (13) as , "The General Motors Playwrights Theater" (1) as

What about these Jane Seymour naked photos?

Here they go. Some are less, some more naked. We have few more pictures, but becouse of limited server space, we could not place all of her photos. But we will do it in future! So be patient. And be careful! You never know when the most sexy photo will show up here.

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