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Who is Kurt Russell?

He is a very talented brunette actor.

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Why is he famous?

Kurt Russell has been (or will be) noticed in "Cutlass" (2007) as Dad, "Death Proof" (2007) as Stuntman Mike, "Grindhouse" (2007) as Stuntman Mike, "Poseidon" (2006) as Robert Ramsey, "Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story" (2005) as Ben Crane, "Sky High" (2005) as Steve Stronghold The Commander, "Miracle" (2004) as Herb Brooks, "Dark Blue" (2002) as Sgt. Eldon Perry, "Interstate 60" (2002) as Captain Ives, "Vanilla Sky" (2001) as McCabe, "3000 Miles to Graceland" (2001) as Michael Zane, "Soldier" (1998) as Todd, "Breakdown" (1997) as Jeffrey 'Jeff' Taylor, "Escape from L.A." (1996) as Snake Plissken, "Executive Decision" (1996) as Dr. Phil. David Grant, "Stargate" (1994) as Col. Jonathan 'Jack' O'Neil, "Forrest Gump" (1994) as Elvis Presley, "Tombstone" (1993) as Wyatt Earp, "Captain Ron" (1992) as Captain Ron, "Unlawful Entry" (1992) as Michael Carr, "Backdraft" (1991) as Stephen 'Bull' McCaffrey Dennis McCaffrey, "Tango Cash" (1989) as Gabriel 'Gabe' Cash, "Winter People" (1989) as Wayland Jackson, "Tequila Sunrise" (1988) as Det. Lt. Nicholas 'Nick' Frescia, "Overboard" (1987) as Dean Proffitt, "Big Trouble in Little China" (1986) as Jack Burton, "The Best of Times" (1986) as Reno Hightower, "The Mean Season" (1985) as Malcolm Anderson, "Swing Shift" (1984) as Mike 'Lucky' Lockhart, "Silkwood" (1983) as Drew Stephens, "The Thing" (1982) as R.J. MacReady, "The Fox and the Hound" (1981) as Adult Copper, "Escape from New York" (1981) as Snake Plissken, "Used Cars" (1980) as Rudolph 'Rudy' Russo, "Amber Waves" (1980) as Laurence Kendall, "Elvis" (1979) as Elvis Presley, "Christmas Miracle in Caufield, U.S.A." (1977) as Johnny, "Hawaii Five-O" (1977) as Peter Valcher, "The Quest" (1976) as Morgan Beaudine, "The Quest" (1976) as Morgan 'Two Persons' Bodeen, "The Captive: The Longest Drive 2" (1976) as Morgan 'Two Persons' Bodeen, "The Quest: The Longest Drive" (1976) as Morgan 'Two Persons' Bodeen, "Police Story" (1975) as J.D. Crawford, "The Deadly Tower" (1975) as Charles Joseph Whitman, "Search for the Gods" (1975) as Shan Mullins, "Harry O" (1975) as Todd Conway, "The Strongest Man in the World" (1975) as Dexter Riley, "The New Land" (1974) as Bo Larsen, "Hec Ramsey" (1974) as Kane, "Gunsmoke" (1974) as Buck Henry Woolfe, "Superdad" (1973) as Bart, "Love Story" (1973) as Scott, "Charley and the Angel" (1973) as Ray Ferris, "Now You See Him, Now You Don't" (1972) as Dexter Reilly, "Disneyland" (1972) as Rich Evans : new title I Borrow the Car, "Fools' Parade" (1971) as Johnny Jesus, "The Barefoot Executive" (1971) as Steven Post, "Room 222" (1971) as Tim, "Storefront Lawyers" (1970) as Jerry Patman, "Dad, Can I Borrow the Car?" (1970) as Narrator, "The High Chaparral" (1970) as Dan Rondo, "Love, American Style" (1970) as , "The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes" (1969) as Dexter, "Then Came Bronson" (1969) as William P. Lovering, "Daniel Boone" (1969) as Jed, "Guns in the Heather" (1969) as Rich, "The Horse in the Gray Flannel Suit" (1968) as Ronnie Gardner, "The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band" (1968) as Sidney Bower, "The Road West" (1967) as Jay Baker, "Follow Me, Boys!" (1966) as Whitey, "The Fugitive" (1966) as Eddie, "The F.B.I." (1966) as Dan Winslow, "Lost in Space" (1966) as Quano, "Laredo" (1966) as Grey Smoke, "The Legend of Jesse James" (1966) as Elick Harte, "The Virginian" (1965) as Andy Denning, "Gilligan's Island" (1965) as Jungle Boy, "The Man from U.N.C.L.E." (1964) as Christopher Larson, "The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters" (1964) as Jamie McPheeters, "Guns of Diablo" (1964) as Jamie McPheeters, "Our Man Higgins" (1963) as Bobby, "The Eleventh Hour" (1963) as Peter Hall, "It Happened at the World's Fair" (1963) as Boy Who Kicks Mike, "Sam Benedict" (1963) as Knute

What about these Kurt Russell naked photos?

Here they go. Some are less, some more naked. We have few more pictures, but becouse of limited server space, we could not place all of his photos. But we will do it in future! So be patient. And be careful! You never know when the most sexy photo will show up here.

Kurt Russell naked photos gallery

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naked 11Kurt Russell nakedKurt Russellphoto 14photo 15picture 16picture 17pic 18lots of photos, huh?last pic here!

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