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Who is Rosanna Arquette?

She is a very talented blonde actress.

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Why is she famous?

Rosanna Arquette has been (or will be) noticed in "Lipstick Jungle" (2008) as Tina Atwood, "Growing Op" (2008) as Diana, "Ball Dont Lie" (2008) as Francine, "Medium" (2008) as Michelle Todd, "Dirt" (2008) as Mia, "Terra" (2007) as Professor Lina, "What About Brian" (2007) as Nicole Varzi, "The L Word" (2007) as Cherie Jaffe, "I-See-You.Com" (2006) as Lydia Ann Layton, "Greys Anatomy" (2005) as Constance Ferguson, "Kids in America" (2005) as Abby Pratt, "Welcome to California" (2005) as Prostitute, "Malcolm in the Middle" (2005) as Anita, "Iowa" (2005) as Effie Harte, "My Suicidal Sweetheart" (2005) as Vera, "Law Order: Criminal Intent" (2005) as Kay Connelly, "Dead Cool" (2004) as Deirdre, "Summerland" (2004) as Ronnie, "Gilded Stones" (2004) as Sally, "Rush of Fear" (2003) as Alex McGuire, "The Law and Mr. Lee" (2003) as Linda Ellis, "Will Grace" (2003) as Julie, "The Practice" (2003) as Brenda Miller, "Going to California" (2002) as Helen, "Diary of a Sex Addict" (2001) as Grace Horn, "Good Advice" (2001) as Cathy Sherman, "Big Bad Love" (2001) as Velma, "Joe Dirt" (2001) as Charlene the Gator Farmer, "Things Behind the Sun" (2001) as Pete, "The Huntress" (2001) as Arlene Potts, "Too Much Flesh" (2000) as Amy, "Poison" (2000) as Dana, "The Whole Nine Yards" (2000) as Sophie Oseransky, "Switched at Birth" (1999) as Linda Wells, "Pigeonholed" (1999) as Devons Mother, "Palmers Pick Up" (1999) as Dawn, "The 60s" (1999) as Hippie Mother, "Sugar Town" (1999) as Eva, "Interview with a Dead Man" (1999) as , "Fait Accompli" (1998) as Jezzebelle, "Im Losing You" (1998) as Rachel Krohn, "Hells Kitchen" (1998) as Liz McNeary, "Floating Away" (1998) as Maurey Talbot, "Hope Floats" (1998) as Connie Phillips, "Buffalo 66" (1998) as Wendy Balsam, "I Know What You Did" (1998) as Stacey Keane, "Homeslice" (1998) as , "Do Me a Favor" (1997) as Alex Langley, "Deceiver" (1997) as Mrs. Kennesaw, "Gone Fishin" (1997) as Rita, "Gun" (1997) as Lilly Difideli, "Homicide: Life on the Street" (1996) as Caroline Widmer, "Crash" (1996) as Gabrielle, "White Lies" (1996) as Junkie Artist, "Search and Destroy" (1995) as Lauren Mirkheim, "Nowhere to Hide" (1994) as Sarah Blake, "Pulp Fiction" (1994) as Jody, "The Wrong Man" (1993) as Missy Mills, "Nowhere to Run" (1993) as Clydie Anderson, "In the Deep Woods" (1992) as Joanna Warren, "Fathers Sons" (1992) as Miss Athena, "The Linguini Incident" (1991) as Lucy, "Son of the Morning Star" (1991) as Libby Custer, "Flight of the Intruder" (1991) as Callie, "Wendy Cracked a Walnut" (1990) as Wendy, "Separation" (1990) as Sarah Weiss, "Sweet Revenge" (1990) as Kate Williams, "Black Rainbow" (1989) as Martha Travis, "New York Stories" (1989) as Paulette, "Promised a Miracle" (1988) as Alice Elizabeth Lucky Parker, "Le grand bleu" (1988) as Johana Baker, "Trying Times" (1987) as Kara Dimley, "Amazon Women on the Moon" (1987) as Karen, "Nobodys Fool" (1986) as Cassie, "8 Million Ways to Die" (1986) as Sarah, "After Hours" (1985) as Marcy Franklin, "Silverado" (1985) as Hannah, "Desperately Seeking Susan" (1985) as Roberta Glass, "The Aviator" (1985) as Tillie Hansen, "Survival Guide" (1985) as , "The Parade" (1984) as Tilda Kirby, "One Cooks, the Other Doesnt" (1983) as Tracy Boone, "Off the Wall" (1983) as Pam Smith, "Baby Its You" (1983) as Jill Rosen, "Insight" (1983) as , "Johnny Belinda" (1982) as Belinda McAdam, "The Executioners Song" (1982) as Nicole Baker, "The Wall" (1982) as Halinka Apt, "A Long Way Home" (1981) as Rose Cavanaugh, "Heres Boomer" (1981) as Ginny, "S.O.B." (1981) as Babs, "Gorp" (1980) as Judy, "Shirley" (1980) as Debra Miller, "The Runaways" (1979) as Sally, "More American Graffiti" (1979) as Girl in Commune, "The Ordeal of Patty Hearst" (1979) as Becky, "Eight Is Enough" (1979) as Lori West, "Zuma Beach" (1978) as Beverly, "ABC Afterschool Specials" (1978) as Charlie Meredith, "What Really Happened to the Class of 65?" (1978) as Nancy, "The Dark Secret of Harvest Home" (1978) as Kate Constantine, "Having Babies II" (1977) as Connie

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Rosanna Arquette naked photos gallery

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